How to Order

If you are interested in ordering an itinerary or have any questions about the itinerary please click the corresponding image below. We will reply with instructions!

Christine $10

Whoa, whoa. You better watch what you say about my car. She’s real sensitive.

A Stephen King classic for a trip around Southern California.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow $5

Bubba Didn’t Do It!

Take a stroll through the cornfields

The Fog $15

Are you weird? Yes, yes I am.

Take a vacation and visit the locations from John Carpenter’s ‘The Fog.’ This one will take you to the west coast for a tour of a classic horror film!

If you’d like just the N Cali or S Cali version let us know and we can adjust!

Friday the 13th Itinerary: $10

You see, Jason was my son, and today is his birthday

Great if you are heading to Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (better known as Camp Crystal Lake). Check out the additional filming locations that aren’t located at the campsite with this helpful guide.

*Tested by the HMH Team of Travelers

Halloween $15

He had the blackest eyes. The devil’s eyes.

Beware the boogeyman on this trip around Pasadena

Hellraiser $5

We have such sights to show you

If you’re in NE London the portal to Hell is a much better time than an Arsenal game.

Jaws: $15

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

We’ve mapped out the locations behind the Steven Spielberg classic JAWS. Be sure to check this one out. And go for a swim…if you dare!

*Tested by the HMH Team of Travelers

Monster Squad $5

Kick him in the nards!

All the classic monsters will come out when you visit these filming locations!

Pet Sematary: $10

Sometimes dead is better

Have you wondered where the famous scenes from Pet Sematary were filmed? Better yet, do you want to see the real life locations that inspired Stephen King to write the story and lock it in a drawer because he thought it was too scary?

*Tested by the HMH Team of Travelers

Prowler $10

I want you to be my date, Rose

Another classic filmed in California

Salem’s Lot $5

Do you believe a thing…can be inherently evil?

An easy trip if you’re in CA to see all the spots where the classic horror film Salem’s Lot was filmed!

Sleepaway Camp $5

Eat shit and Live

Head up to Lake George, but beware the vengeful forced to cross dress teens

Stephen King Tour $15

Take a trip around Stephen King’s home state. This trip has many locations from King’s films and personal life that influenced his stories!

*Tested by the HMH Team of Travelers

They Live $5


If you’re out on the West Coast, here’s a quick trip around LA to see where Rowdy Roddy Piper kicked some alien butt!

Tourist Trap $3

My brother always makes me wear this stupid mask

A quick trip around LA for some classic horror!

Trading Places $10

In Philadelphia it is worth $50

Take a trip around the City of Brotherly Love to see where Trading Places was filmed.

The Warriors $25

Warriors, Come Out to Plaaaaay

Follow the footsteps of the Warriors gang or see where the movie was filmed. This trip has it all! A little Joe Bob Briggs background included for good measure!

Wolfen $10

They kill to survive. They kill to protect.

Follow the trail of the wolves around New York City and see where this classic horror film was shot.